Simogear Parallel Shaft Geared Motors



Parallel shaft geared motor
Stages: 2 or 3
Mounting: Foot or Flange-mounting versions (B5, B14, mixers, extruders), Torque bracket
Shaft: Solid shaft, Hollow shaft
Gear Title: FZ29 – FZ89 (2-stage), FD29 – FD89 (3-stage)
Sizes: 6
Torque Range: 150Nm to 1,850Nm
Ratio: 3.57 – 65.21 (2-stage), 46.36 – 357.00 (3-stage)
Motor Power Range: 15kW


  • Can be used even in narrow construction space
  • High gear ratios (plug in pinion)
  • Hollow shaft on both sides possible
  • Very energy efficient (efficiencies of 98% per stage)
  • Typical applications
  • Agitator drives
  • Carriage drives
  • Shelf access equipment
  • Vertical conveyor
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