Torque Limiter – EAS-reverse



  • ​Comes from Size 3 to Size 6
  • ​Torque Limits 75 – 6000 Nm


  • Residual torque-free disconnection in case of overload
  • Automatic re-engagement through reversal of direction of rotation
  • Long run-out times permitted
  • Robust double bearing
  • Steplessly adjustable torque
  • Extremely low backlash (< 0.05°)
  • Hardened functional components
  • Housing with standard IEC or NEMA dimensions
​Perfect overload protection for drives which are hard to access
In case of adverse operating and ambient conditions due to dust, contamination, spray water, heat or cold, drive lines are frequently encapsulated and therefore hard to access, especially in the heavy machine industry. In order to protect such drives and machines reliably against overload, Mayr® power transmission has developed a disengaging torque limiter with the EAS®-reverse on which all functional processes can be carried out automatically via the drive alone.
In case of overload, a patented disengagement mechanism disconnects the input and output without residual torque. This permits long run-out times. The EAS®-reverse re-engages automatically simply by rotating backwards slowly, without the need for pneumatics or hydraulics – ideal for drives which cannot be accessed for re-engagement.

Torque Limiter - EAS-reverse
CAD file available upon request