Coupling – G-Flex Grid



  • Up to 169 kNm; 1,500,000 in.lbs


  • The TB Wood’s Taper Grid Coupling is made from high tensile alloy steel which is carefully formed to the grid shape before hardening and tempering under controlled conditions.
  • The grid surface is then shot-peened.
  • This process leaves the grid spring with a residually stressed surface layer which is in compression and which impedes the propagation of cracks. Since nearly all fatigue and stress corrosion failures originate at the surface of a part, the layer of compressive stress induced by shot-peening produces a dramatic increase in the working life and fatigue strength of the grid. This technological improvement in manufacturing process coupled with precise monitoring of raw material specification and control of trapezoidal shape, permits TB Wood’s to offer state of the art grid springs of high performance and reliability.
  • Aluminium horizontal cover (T10),and all-steel vertical cover (T20) designs are available
  • Easy to assemble/replace
  • Part-for-part interchangeable with industry standard tapered grid coupling designs
  • Coupling sizes 1020 through 1140 in-stock in a range of standard bore sizes
  • Shot-peened tapered grid flex element for long life

Coupling - G-Flex Grid


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