Omega Elastomeric Coupling – HSU Series



  • Sizes: ES 2 to ES 140
  • Torque Value: 22 – 38400 Nm


  • The Rex Omega Elastomeric Coupling (orange) is a unique split-in-half flex element design featuring specially formulated polyurethane material engineered for maximum durability, strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Omega couplings are non lubricated material flexing couplings available as close-coupled with straight bore or compression bushed hubs.
  • These couplings can also be ordered with extended spacers and/or sleeve extensions for applications requiring increased distances between shaft ends (DBSE).
  • The Rex Omega HSU coupling (green) is specifically designed for hot and humid operating conditions. Available in 14 sizes ranging from E4 through E140, the Omega Coupling is engineered to accomodate torque loads up to 340,200 (lb-in) and shaft diameters up to 20.88 inches.​

Omega Elastomeric Coupling - HSU Series