Flexible Joint – Twin Sphere Flange Style 99TF



  • Nominal Diameter: 20 – 300 mm
  • Operating Pressure: 16 Bars
  • Nominal Diameter: 350 – 1200 mm
  • Operating Pressure: 8 -10 Bars
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 80 °C
  • Applicable Fluids: Water, Warm Water, Sea Water, Air & Weak Acid
  • Flange Standard: Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel or Galvanised
  • Body Material: Rubber

  • AFA style 99 rubber expansion joint are specially designed in a spherical shape and the rubber ball is reinforced with steel wire and nylon and then finally vulcanized under high pressure. The joint supplied with floating metallic flanges or FMCB unions.
  • Because of its spherical ball shape, it poses high resistance to explosion
  • AFA Style 99 rubber expansion are manufactured from special synthetic rubber and stringent control of forming chemical composition and every step in the process is stringent controlled and documented before shipment.
  • No gasket and packing is requiredLow cost due to mass production.

Flexible Joint - Twin Sphere Flange Style 99TF