High Efficiency Motor


The Elektrim-Techtop Motors are all manufactured with the philosophy of the customers’ demands and satisfaction in mind; our esteemed motors are all masterfully designed in Europe & professionally assembled in Singapore.

Elektrim-Techtop offers a full range of low voltage, three phase induction, asynchronous, squirrel cage, continuous duty electric motors.


EMM series of three phase asynchronous motors are constructed Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), and is available in both cast iron and aluminium housing. It encompasses our latest design with many new features, are made of selected high quality materials and conform to the IEC Standard. Some unique design features are our special conical pro ventilation fan cover, detachable feet for cast iron housing, and extended aluminium housing range up till frame size 200. EMM series motors comes with Protection IP55, Insulation Class F and NSK imported bearings as a standard issue. These series of motors can be used for general drives.