Slip Ring Motor


Frame Size: 63 to 400
Outputs Ranging: 0.18 kw to 25 kw

The Elektrim-Techtop Motors are all manufactured with the philosophy of the customers’ demands and satisfaction in mind; our esteemed motors are all masterfully designed in Europe & professionally assembled in Singapore.

Elektrim-Techtop offers a full range of low voltage, three phase induction, asynchronous, squirrel cage, continuous duty electric motors.

Slip ring series of three-phase asynchronous motors is a selection of high torque motors that caters to client specific applications. These series of motors are only available in cast iron housing due to the heavy duty nature of use, well-designed exterior, and conforms to all IEC standards.

Slip ring motors comes attached with our in-house designed Slip Ring Device with carbon brush, made from high-quality materials, according to European motor winding standards and technology. This series of motors can be used for all heavy duty industries.