Rope Hoist With Creep Speed


  • Well-established reliability and durability are further improved

Electric Source: 3-Phase 200V 50/60Hz, 220V 60Hz,380V to 400V/415V 50Hz, 400 to 440V 60Hz

Operation Method: By 6 pushbuttons on the floor push button, push button, push button, push button, right upper, and push button (2-step motion on push button and push button, 1 st step for creep speed and 2nd step for standard speed )
8 pushbuttons on 5-ton double rail type and 7.5ton or greater.

Rating: 30 minutes (to JIS C9620, Japanese Industrial Standard)

Max. No. of starts per hour and Duty factor: Duty factor: 40% (40%), Max. No. of starts per hour: 400 starts/h (250 starts/h)* Value between the parentheses is for all the trolleys and the hoists of 15 ton and up.

Power Feeding System: Cable feeding
No cable included with the standard shipment.

Electrical Protection: IP44

Ambient Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C

Humidity Range: 90% or less (No condensation)

Approval: JIS C9620, Japanese Industrial Standard